Carola Adam was born in 1966 in Berlin, Germany, where she still lives. Her musical career began early. At the age of 9 she performed in a Berlin band named Country Pickers. At 14 she had several guest performances with the Country Squires, eventually becoming their lead singer. In 1983 she formed her first band.

In 1984 Carola started taking voice lessons which introduced her to traditional jazz. Her musical interests and influences continued to expand while performing as lead singer with a “gala” band from 1986 to 1993. The group´s repertoire included a mix of pop, oldies, rock, and blues.

At the age of 16 she started writing songs and in 1997 released her first CD titled “Stolen Moments” with originals. On the album she was supported by her own band called “Carolina”, which she founded the band Carolina in 1991 and until 2004 they toured regularly throughout Germany and Austria with the same line-up. One of the album´s tracks made it up to No. 11 on both the US-Independent Single Charts and New York´s Music Review. In 2002, a 2nd album “Let´s have a party” was released containing a mix of 70s rock´n´roll and country music coversongs. Both albums can be obtained from Carola Adam by direct marketing. carolina_2_170
Besides her live shows Carola has also worked as a studio session singer since 1992. She has contributed to several productions singing lead and backing vocals as well as playing acoustic guitar. The musical styles of the recordings have included country music, international pop music, rock, and soul.
Carola Adam can be heard as singer with the following groups:

  • C.C. Adams Solo
with various programs (Acoustic Rock, Oldies, CountrySwing-Classics and original songs)
  • C.C. Adams Band
Mainstream – Country – Rock
  • Bluegrass Breakdown
  • Adams Spirit
acoustic duo with Vladimir Spiridonov – presents the music of Bonnie Raitt as well as Ella Fitzgerald
Performing with a duo named “Settin´ Hearts” for three years she recorded an acoustic album entitled “Alive and kickin´” with folk and rock music coversongs performed by only two guitars and two voices harmonizing with each other perfectly.
In 2002, Carola returned to her roots once more. Her vocal performance in Larry Schuba´s “Country Classic Circus” was a great success. The audience especially loved her for authenticity, for every musical move Carola makes is 100 % her own.
Between 2005 and 2008 she worked with several bands performing country, R & B, 80s rock and soul music. A cooperation with the senior Berlin bluegrass band “Bluegrass Breakdown” exists since 2006. Carola can be heard on their earlier albums as a guest singer and is responsible for acoustic rhythm guitar on their latest album “Follow the Stars”.

At last, in May 2009, C.C. Adams has released her long-awaited solo album. Until now, she´s been well known for her acoustic folk sounds. The album “Lines”, however, shows her full versatility including rock and even orchestral arrangements. “Life itself writes the best lyrics,” is the motto of the artist, who with this album would like to share her own experience and life-wisdom. With the help of Martin Anding “(Tonmacherei)”, who has done all the band and orchestral arrangements, she has created a symbiosis of different musical styles in which music and lyrics bring each other to life and through the expressive power of her C.C. Adams´ unique voice, they stick in your memory. The album is also available from Carola Adam by direct marketing.

In 2010 C.C. Adams founded a new band that performs under the trademark C.C. Adams Band with a mainstream – country – rock program. This band performs covers songs by Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Pink, Amy Winehouse and Adele – a mixture that serves the versatility of C.C. Adams and her band.
Another proof of her broad variety of styles and lively stage performance is the acoustic duo she formed with the fantastic Russian fingerstyle guitarist Vladimir Spiridonov. Under the name of Adams Spirit these two gifted musicians recorded the album “Summer Sessions, Volume 1” which holds Jazz as well as contemporary music and can be obtained directly from Carola Adam or at a live show.